Automobile Loans

Auto Loans

New and Pre-Owned Auto Loans

If you're looking to purchase a new or used car, check out our incredibly low auto loan rates. We also offer members an affordable extended warranty program and GAP insurance to help take care of your investment.

Check out our low auto loan rates.

What you need to submit to apply for an auto loan.

Pre-Approved Auto Loans

If you're thinking of buying a new or used car anytime soon, make your purchase stress-free and apply for a pre-approved loan at POCUMD. That way, you can step into the dealer's showroom with the confidence of having your loan ready to go.

Plus, when your low-rate loan is already set, you can save money by buying smart and taking advantage of rebates and bargains. That can save you thousands of dollars. Now's the time to look for all those end-of-the-year deals, too!

\What you need to submit to apply for pre-approval for an auto loan

Refinancing from other financial institutions:

Did you finance your auto at the dealer or through another financial institution? You may be paying WAY TOO MUCH! Bring your auto loan to POCUMD and you could be paying less every month! Refinancing is EASY and FAST!

Bring in your loan paperwork and talk to us today!

Enterprise Car Sales

Want a great deal on your used car purchase? POCUMD has a partnership with Enterprise Car Sales to help you get on the road and save. Visit to learn more.

GAP Services (Guaranteed Auto Protection)

Will your insurance pay off your loan if your car is totaled or stolen? Your primary insurance will usually pay only the current market value of your vehicle, less your deductible. This amount could be substantially lower than your loan balance. That's where GAP comes in. When you finance a vehicle through POCUMD, don't forget to ask for GAP coverage. It will cover the difference between your loan payoff and your primary insurance company settlement.

Extended Warranties

We are excited to announce that Vision Warranty Company now offers open enrollment and an extended warranty program. This means that you can take advantage of these special services regardless if your vehicle loan is with POCUMD!

Contact us to learn more details about these services and to purchase your extended warranty vehicle protection. After the 30 days or 1,000 miles, you can live worry-free from unexpected, costly vehicle repairs!

UBS (United Buying Service)

Simple, fast, and fuel efficient! Since 1967, UBS has provided savings in vehicle purchases from North Virginia to Baltimore.

UBS offers:

  • Lowest pre-negotiated prices on new and used vehicles
  • Discounted option pricing
  • Extra savings with rebates and incentives from manufacturers
  • The only local auto price book
  • Consistent prices for all UBS members
  • Audit purchase at your request

All POCUMD members and immediate family are eligible participants. Combined with POCUMD's unbeatable loan rates, you can save thousands of dollars on your next automobile purchase.

Reach UBS at the following numb rs:
Washington Area: 301-657-1920
Baltimore Area: 410-792-9070

Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance

This is member-elect coverage that pays your loan when you cannot due to illness, accident, or death.

Applying for an Auto Loan  

When applying for a loan, you will need to enclose the following items:

  • Signed and completed application.
  • A copy of your two most recent pay stubs (this is for applicants and co-borrowers if applicable).
    • If you receive Pension, SSA, or any other monthly benefit(s), please submit the annual certificate or a current bank statement.
    • If you are NOT a Postal Employee, contact your Human Resources or Personnel Department. They must verify your employment in writing. The verification should indicate how you are paid (weekly, biweekly, etc.), your position, and your date of hire.
  • Copy of your driver's license.
  • If you rent, please submit a copy of your lease agreement.
  • If the loan is to purchase a vehicle, please submit a purchase order or buyers order from the dealership.
  • If the loan is to refinance a vehicle, please submit the following:
    • A 10-day payoff from the present Finance company on company letterhead.
    • A copy of your Title. Per approval, we will need the original Title.
  • If you are purchasing a vehicle from a private owner, submit the following:
    • Notarized Bill of Sale from the current owner (it must be a clear title vehicle - no secured parties).
    • Copy of the Title and Lien Release (per approval we will need the original Title and Lien Release).
    • Certified company Inspection Ticket.

Apply for a Pre-Approved Auto Loan  

When applying for a pre-approved loan, you will need to enclose the following items

  • Signed and completed application. Be sure to include the estimated price of vehicle.
  • Copy of your two most recent paystubs (this is for applicants and co-borrowers, if applicable).
  • Copy of your driver's license.

Download auto loan application

Applications can be faxed to 410-727-0929 or mailed to:

Post Office Credit Union of MD, Inc.
P.O. Box 22911
Baltimore, MD 21203-4911