As a not-for-profit organization -- owned by you (our members) and operated by our volunteer board members -- our focus is on offering exceptional services to fit your specific needs.

Membership is open to all Maryland postal employees and their families. Credit Union membership can be for a lifetime. No matter if you move, change jobs, or retire, you'll always be a member of POCUMD. Once a member, always a member!

Here's why you should join Post Office Credit Union of Maryland:

  • We operate by a "people helping people" philosophy that is hard to find at many other financial institutions.
  • As a not-for-profit institution, POCUMD offers better rates on loans and deposit accounts.
  • No matter how much money you have on deposit, you have an equal voice in how your Credit Union should be managed.
  • Financial education is available to all members. POCUMD's goal is to help members become better educated consumers of financial services.
  • Joining POCUMD is easy. Open an account today, and you will automatically open the door to great, affordable services and customer care for life.

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